Low Power Workstation

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Low Power Workstations

  • Motherboard: Via Epia SN18000G
  • RAM: 2gb
  • Storage: Compact Flash
  • Case: VoomPC Automotive Mini-ITX Case
  • OS: Ubuntu 8.04 (with gnome)


  • Jumpers for power switch are second two in from the right on the back row, with the rows of jumpers away from you

To Do


  • Network user profiles


  • Java
  • gedit


  • Boot on PS/2 mouse and USB keyboard
  • Solder power LED on prototype

*Check on:

  • User/global config files for Ekiga to avoid sound device being set to "Default" on first run

Custom Stuff

  • Knowplex and Ekiga don't play nice together unless /etc/asound.conf is added so that dmix works

Power Consumption Tuning

  • PWM2 fan in BIOS controls cpu fan after boot
  • PWM1 fan in BIOS seems to control fan before/during boot