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To convert asterisk gsm files to wav files it can still play:

 sox tt-weasels.gsm -r 8000 -b -c 1 -u -2 tt-weasels.wav

Upgrading pkgsrc bootstrapped packages (bmake install-sh nawk nbsed pax tnftp bootstrap-mk-files):

bmake USE_DESTDIR=full package
rm /var/db/pkg/<pkgname>-<pkgversion>/+PRESERVE
pkg_delete "<pkgname>*"
pkg_add /usr/pkgsrc/packages/All/<pkgname>-<pkgversion>.tgz
touch /var/db/pkg/<pkgname>-<pkgversion>/+PRESERVE

OpenBSD key life times in ipsec.conf

Use the undocumented 'life' keyword for quick and main mode see here.