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  • Name: Andrew Thompson
  • E-Mail: andrew _(at)_ hijacked _(dot)_ us
  • Profession: Bit Shifter

Interesting Links

Use GDB to inspect running ruby processes


  • Finish watching the LISP movies
  • Finish reading 'Mastering Regular Expressions'
  • Make more useful as a package building machine (split into 'base', 'x11-minimal' and 'server' and document the tricks to make machines fetch from it)
  • Play with Mongrel
  • Get some experience with PostgreSQL
  • Investigate writing a scheduling webapp to put all the CSV related nonsense to bed with a shovel
  • See if the Asterisk 1.4 beta sucks any less than SVN snapshots
  • Figure a way to make and auto-start X on bootup
  • Scavenge a *real* video card for, maybe the voodoo5500 from Ireland
  • Get my shit shipped here