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Random Documentation

Windows Registry

See Also: Fix-a-Fuckup


"tail -f"

 PS C:\> Get-Content somefile.log -Tail 5 -Wait

MS Exchange Server

Troubleshooting Docs

WiFi (Wireless 802.11)


 Wireless logs. Logging can be enabled through the netsh ras set tracing * en command. After
 enabling logging, you can either restart the computer or restart the Wireless Zero Configuration
 (for Windows XP) or Wireless Configuration (for Windows Server 2003) service with the net stop
 wzcsvc and net start wzcsvc commands. The wireless logs are located in the systemroot\tracing
 folder. The log files most useful for troubleshooting wireless issues are the following:

 Wzctrace.log  Used mostly for 802.11 association. This file is present only on computers running 
 Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) or Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1.

 Eapol.log  Used mostly for IEEE 802.1X authentication.

 Wzcdlg.log  Used for user interface changes, such as changes made through the View Available  
 Networks or Choose a wireless network dialog boxes.

 Netman.log  Used for user interface changes.

 Netshell.log  Used for user interface changes.

 Along with any .old versions of these files

There are additional (much deeper) details in the above-linked manual, including OID Key:Value translations for authentication mode, etc. Imagine that, visibility into a completely glued-shut OS!