Ccd(4) driver on freebsd

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ccd(4) is a wonderful thing: software volume management (RAID style) without the necessity of identical disks.

Other Resources

You may wish to get some more information on it; available at:

Quick and Dirty

Where a line begins with a '#', it is at a root shell. Be Careful(tm), you've been warned.

I take no responsibility for your own damages.

 # echo 'ccd0 128 none /dev/ad1 /dev/ad2 /dev/ad3' >/etc/ccd.conf
 # ccdconfig -C -v
 # disklabel -w /dev/ccd0
 # disklabel -e /dev/ccd0
 -- change FS type on 'a' to 4.2BSD, then save/quit --
 # newfs -U -m 0 /dev/ccd0a
 # mount /dev/ccd0a /big
 # echo '/dev/ccd0a /big ufs rw 2 2' >>/etc/fstab

Thats about it. Hope it worked or you've got a livecd on hand. Good luck.