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iPitomy is a on premise solution that is "Asterisk" base in the backend. The PBX is a bare bones style PBX which makes for a simple yet easy to manage phone system.

Some notes;

When adding new networks/remote locations to the iPitomy Phone system you need to add the following;

System -> Access Control -> Access Control List;

Make sure to add x.x.x.x/ (subnet)

Example would be

This will add the entire network of You will also need to add this to the PBX setup located at;

PBX Setup -> SIP -> Local Networks and Subnet Masks:

This will grant all the pbx phones in the remote location of I suggest that you use a managed switch and setup vlan with trunking of LLDP so that the phones are on their own network and not using up ip space. IPv6 will be a bit different as you're dealing with 64bit addresses.


Phone not registering, entering a forbidden state;

This is due to some sort of access issue, could be related to the firewall, wrong ACL or a password problem. To change the password on the phone you can go to the IP of that phone input the username/password (default is: root:root) and change the password located in;

SIP Account -> Account1 -> Basic 

Authenticate Name:xxxx
Password: xxxx

Double check that the auth/password on the server is identical:

Destinations -> Extensions -> Items/Edit PBX Settings for Extensions X -> Advanced -> SIP Password