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Transmitter (TX)

Radiomaster TX16s

Solid choice for a traditional TX style radio. Is on the large/bulky side, but with good grip and usable for either thumb controls (default sticks are a bit long with sharp ends, but M4 threaded and replaceable) or "pinchers". Widely compatible multi-protocol radio, bit complex to setup (see Multi-Module doc link, below). Relatively inexpensive, very available from many sources. Seems very widely supported by simulators. Gimbals replaceable, and at purchase time can choose nicer Hall-Effect type for long-life and better feel. Multiple "Mode" choices available, including most common "Mode 2" for quad-copter pilots. Open firmware choices are first-class: shipped with OpenTX for stability, supported by EdgeTX for newer features (like touchscreen).



Flight Controllers




Happymodel Mobula6

DSM2/DSMX (Spektrum) version

Two versions of this RX model available: older bolt-on serial type, newer built-in SPI type. All notes below are for newer built-in unless specified.

Quad ships without telemetry enabled in Betaflight; head to configurator->Configuration->Other Features and toggle TELEMETRY on to get VBAT/TRSS sensor access on TX.

Note: DSM2/DSMX (Spektrum) version does not send proper RSSI (RX side signal strength). Whether this is a protocol limit or simply software implementation problem is unclear; instead TX radio may expose (computed) TRSS, based only on telemetry signal strength. This is not the same thing, and is even presented on a different scale, roughly (RSSI / 3).

Quad uses 0802 motors (19000KV or 25000KV) with 1.0mm shafts and 31mm Gemfan 1219-3 3-blade props.


Two ELRS versions available: 2.4GHz and 900MHz; all notes below are for 2.4GHz unless specified, but may apply to both.

Quad uses 0702 motors (26000KV) with 1.0mm shafts and 31mm 2-blade props. Unknown brand/specs.

Other notes


ExpressLRS (ELRS)

Long-range capable, low latency, multi-frequency open protocol gaining adopters quickly. Supports 2.4GHz and 900MHz, but using different hardware at this time.

Battery Info


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